Welcome to Dr. Sures Rao Kidney Hospital, we are know as one of the best Kidney care centre in india. We provide and specialise in evidence-based diagnostics and treatmnet of kidney diseases, Kidney Transplant and donation. The institute is one of its kinds, completely dedicated to Kidney related diseases, transplant and kidney donor. It is fully equipped with the latest technological tools, state-of-the arts facilities for surgeries, post-operative care, rehabilitation facility for all patients.
Email Address: info@drraomedical.com
PHONE NUMBER + 91 931 162 9822

Rights of Patient

  • Right to receive the relevant information about the nature, cause of illness, proposed care, and the expected results of treatment, treatment options, possible complications and the expected costs.
  • Right of confidentiality of treatment and privacy during examination and Standard Charter of Patients’ Rights and responsibilities examination of female patient in presence of female attendant.
  • Right of non-discrimination about treatment and behaviour on basis of HIV Status.
  • Right to complain through complaint register.
  • Right to seek second opinion with due information to treating doctor. In such instances all copies of medical and diagnostic reports will be made available to the patient or authorized person to facilitate second opinion.
  • Right to have an access to his / her clinical records during admission. In such instances, patient and / or Person authorized by patient or (guardian if patient is minor) should receive photocopy of indoor papers on request within 72 hours.
  • Right to receive discharge card mentioning: Diagnosis, clinical findings, results of investigations, treatment given, the patient’s condition at the time of discharge and advice to patient.
  • Right to choose registered pharmacy or recognised and registered diagnostic center at his / her own responsibility.
  • Right of informed consent prior to potentially hazardous tests / treatment.