Welcome to Dr. Sures Rao Kidney Hospital, we are know as one of the best Kidney care centre in india. We provide and specialise in evidence-based diagnostics and treatmnet of kidney diseases, Kidney Transplant and donation. The institute is one of its kinds, completely dedicated to Kidney related diseases, transplant and kidney donor. It is fully equipped with the latest technological tools, state-of-the arts facilities for surgeries, post-operative care, rehabilitation facility for all patients.
Email Address: info@drraomedical.com
PHONE NUMBER + 91 931 162 9822

Responsibilities of Patient

  • To provide relevant health information and history to the doctor.
  • Share all information to health care provider in case of other treatment is being pursued simultaneously.
  • To fully cooperate with the health care provider during the treatment and follow doctor’s advice properly with follow up visits.
  • To respect the dignity of the doctors and other staff as human being and professionals.
  • To preserve and share the past medical records.
  • To undertake to pay clinical establishment bills as agreed.
  • Not to resort to unlawful methods such as violence against the doctor or clinical establishment, which is a nonbailable offence.
  • Follow rules of clinical establishments for its smooth functioning.
  • Cooperate with health care provider for complying with legal requirements like notifiable diseases and such others.